Project / Neuros
Client / RemXR
Category / VR headset
Date / 2018
Designers / Rich Park, Soohun Jung

RemXR Neuros is a VR headset with integrated hardware and software that enables both standalone use and tethered use for the best performance. Designed for a US based startup, we formed the brand’s unique product design language as well as hinting at its brand identity to introduce a sleek to look to the market.

Completely futuristic and performance focused, Neuros has been designed to be functional in the slickest way. While using lightweight plastics and nylon bands for comfortable ergonomics, the special gravel like material finishing creates a deep contrasting aesthetic. And the prominent yet intricate graphics add to the product’s sophisticated high end performance. The varying materials involved in the product are unified in a monochromatic colors, giving an overall simple and clean presence.